Press release

VivoSensMedical launches with OvulaRing+ a new product generation with iOS app

Leipzig, July 19th 2021: VivoSensMedical GmbH has relaunched its product OvulaRing to track cycle health and determine the fertile days. The new product generation, which will be launches under the name OvulaRing+, works with an app and enables data to be transferred directly to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The customer can easily evaluate her cycles in the app.

The development team paid particular attention to the safety of the users, the sensor has passed all medical and safety tests that are necessary for medical approval. Nothing has changed in the classification of the safety class, because the sensor is still passive in the user’s body and does not transmit any signals. As soon as the intelligent sensor is outside the body, it establishes the Bluetooth connection to the app and synchronizes the data.

Above all, the app improves the usability of the product. The customer no longer needs a laptop or a reading device to upload her data. The beta version has been tested by over 80 women since December 2020. Their feedback was implemented before the official launch. Customers who are already using OvulaRing and want to upgrade to the current version can take advantage of a special offer.

Prof. Dr. Henry Alexander, the inventor of OvulaRing: “With our new product generation, we are now making it even easier for women to track and analyze their cycles and to fulfill their desire to have children. It is no longer necessary to always think about the computer and the reading device, for example on vacation. The smartphone that everyone carries is enough. In this way, women really have an overview of their cycles anytime and anywhere. “

OvulaRing is a patented and Europe-wide approved medical device to continuously map the female cycle on the basis of high-resolution core body temperature measurements and to make statements based on this about the individual cycle health. With over 20,000 fully recorded cycles, VivoSensMedical has the world’s largest database of continuously measured core body temperature. 5 public health insurance companies already cover the costs for OvulaRing.

OvulaRing+ is available from 240 euros in the OvulaRing online shop. The OvulaRing app is now available for download in the Apple Appstore. OvulaRing+ for Android will be launched at the end of September. The product can already be pre-ordered.