With the globally unique, patent protected OvulaRing, VivoSensMedical has made available to women, gynaecologists, and reproductive health professionals one of the most advanced and easiest methods for cycle diagnostics and the determination of the fertile window. OvulaRing is ideal for both natural contraception and for determining the best time for conception.

All diagnostic methods currently available on the market, such as the measurement of the morning waking temperature – i.e. the "basal body temperature" – the vaginal ultrasound or hormone determination in blood or urine are based on individual, daily measurement points and therefore don’t give a continuous overview of the whole cycle. Without such an overview, an accurate determination of the fertile window is almost impossible. The process also requires the user to have an extremely high level of discipline and a regular daily routine or regular appointments with the ​​gynaecologist. Many women shy away from these methods because the associated daily effort is simply too high and measurement errors can not be excluded under such conditions.

Reliable prediction of the fertile window is a requirement for both a planned pregnancy and natural contraception. With OvulaRing, the market now has a product for natural family planning and reproductive medicine which can be trusted by both doctors and women alike – a worldwide first. OvulaRing makes it easier to perform medical diagnostics with regard to cycle health and allows for optimised fertility treatments with a higher chance of success. In addition, women now have a tool at their disposal with which they can independently check their cycle in order to determine their fertile window, thereby allowing them to establish the best time to try for a child or practise natural contraception.

Our vision is for OvulaRing to be internationally established as a leader in the field of diagnostic fertility and natural family planning.

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